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Jim Russell
Enabling managers and organisations to implement successful PROJECTS and high-impact CHANGE through exceptional training, coaching, consultancy and facilitation services
I have been providing project management training, facilitation and consultancy services since I established RPM Associates in 1993. I am a supporter of pragmatic and practical, results driven project management methods, integrating essential people factors. I am driven to help organisations get the best, tangible results and change from their projects. All services receive excellent feedback from clients. I am a full member of the Association for Project Management.
Managing projects and implementing change can be both challenging and rewarding. Most businesses depend on successful projects - 'line of business' projects that contribute directly to revenue or cost saving, 'infrastructure' that enable a business to perform better and projects to develop 'products and services'. However, many projects fail or are only partially successful due to a lack of skills, knowledge, time, resource or experience. Projects are not easy and it is so important to set them up properly. The implications for organisations and staff can be very damaging. I can help you and your organisation gain the full benefits from your projects or change initiatives.

As well as providing training and consulting services, I am also a practising project and programme manager. The projects can be wide and varied and are often for multiple partnering organisations. They are usually associated with business change or the introduction of new types of solution including technology, and will be considered by the organisations concerned to be challenging! I thrive on a challenge! I work across a wide range of business sectors, with Publishing being the most common. In particular, over recent years, I have gained significant knowledge and experience about 'accessible publishing' - making books available to people with visual impairment or other print disabilities.
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